Digi Mail Box, Private Letter Box Services

What is a Private Letter Box? A space, which offers complete privacy away from prying eyes. While the 21st Century has provided new technologies, which offer users the ability to view their mail (from the other side of the world with the point & click of a mouse), the need for human interaction - to scan and post the most private of communications for clients - is a necessity. Snail mail may hold personal (and private) information that requires it to be shredded, destroyed or forwarded to its ultimate destination. DMB offers it clientele every imaginable option in which to secure and forward correspondence (and parcels) with complete discretion. With the point and click of a mouse, DMB clients select which correspondence is forwarded, destroyed or discarded. Our Client Portal is accessible 24/7 waiting to serve you - the client. Our Bronze Plan is Just $14.95 Per Month!