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When Privacy & Discretion Count..

DigiMailBox offers (private) mailbox concierge services. Our plans start at just $14.95 per month! Our Bonded Notary personnel accept your mail and parcels, scan your correspondence, upload it to your secure online mailbox and; remove, destroy, shred or discard mail (at your direction). Our Concierge Services include consolidating multiple parcels (and mail pieces) into one shipment and optional mail forwarding. In addition, we offer private label, vanity telephone numbers plus, professional reception services. In essence, if you're seeking strict privacy (through mail and telephone services), DMB offers layers of protection (through its unique Black Label Services) that ensure your most personal information is safeguarded to only ONE person - You!

You expect not only privacy and discretion, you demand attention to the finer details. DMB professionals cater to your needs on a one-to-one basis. You may be a Celebrity, CEO, Entrepreneur or an individual who seeks FIVE STAR treatment and DMB professionals stand ready to serve.

Whether you're seeking to engage our virtual services or, a combination of virtual services with a Private Label Gold Star Letter Box, DMB offers the facilities, personnel and streamlined processes to ensure your privacy & anonymity. DMB offers Answering Services, Digital Mailboxes & Private Post Office Boxes.

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